Play Therapy Networking Groups

A Play Therapy Networking Group provides the opportunity to simply talk to people with whom you share the common thread of play therapy.

The goal of the group would be to share knowledge, provide support and information, and encourage membership in our organization.

A networking group would foster local peer contact among play therapists, increase APT-approved play therapy training opportunities, and grow the play therapy community.

Looking for other play therapists to share ideas and new techniques? Participate in one of the networking groups nearest you. Or if you wish to start a group in your area, contact the networking chair Molly Gratton at

Idaho Falls Group:

Looking for a leader


Northern Idaho Group:

Contact Stacia Carr-Peterson



Boise Group:

Second Friday of the month in the Boise/Meridian area.  For more information or to attend please contact Trina Fisher-Szeles, LCSW at 208.850.7958 or Mydell Yeager at 208.890.5582.


Twin Falls Group:

Looking for a leader.


Pocatello Group:

Looking for a leader.