About Us

The Idaho Association for Play Therapy (IDAPT) is a chartered branch of the Association for Play Therapy. IDAPT is a not-for-profit incorporation that is dedicated to providing a forum for the professional growth and development of the play therapist, providing training to the mental health community, and advocating for appropriate mental health treatment for children. This includes the following:

  • Training sessions for CE hours
  • Peer consultation/supervision groups
  • Educating the public about the importance of play therapy treatment for children
  • Promotion of play therapy as a treatment modality
  • Promotion of the highest standards in the profession of play therapy
  • Advocating for children’s’ mental health issues
  • Encouraging our members to become Registered Play Therapists and Supervisors

We welcome you to contact us for more information if you are interested in becoming a member of APT/IDAPT or if you want additional information on Play Therapy.

IDAPT was organized in 1996 by a group of dedicated professionals who had gone to a Gary Landreth conference in Utah and came home energized. In October of 1997, IDAPT became an official branch of APT, Incorporated as a non-profit in January of 2002, and in 2008 achieved the Gold Branch Status.

President’s Letter

Welcome to Idaho Association for Play Therapy!  I am excited and honored to continue to serve as your president for the next term year 2013-2015.  I am pleased to announce we have a brand new group of board members with much excitement, passion and love for Play Therapy.  With these new board members, as well as the work of APT, I am excited and hopeful that the next two years will be full of growth for Play Therapy – across the entire state.

Traditionally, our board works hard all year to prepare the annual training  each Spring.  Last year, we had close to 50 participants in Boise, Idaho, to see Pam Dyson from Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.   She received excellent reviews, including,  “the presenter was fantastic, so passionate about play therapy,”  “She was motivating and inspirational,” and “She was awesome with high energy.”

This year, it is our goal to pursue even more.  Included in this goal is to begin consultation groups to offer networking, support and play therapy ideas in local metro areas of the state.   We are also hoping to expand our trainings to the northern part of the state.  I hope those of you who are reading, and live in the northern area, would reach out to let us know if you would attend trainings in the area.  We hope to ignite in Idaho the passion often felt at the Association for Play Therapy International Conference.  We wish to increase  community involvement and Play Therapy educational outreach opportunities.  We are often found at local college, university and other professional community educational activities talking and educating others about Play Therapy and what we do to help others.

This year I have had the privilege to serve on the Public Awareness Task Force Committee with APT.   This committee has examined what APT does at the national level and what members do at local levels to boost the public’s  awareness of play therapy.  An outcome of this process has been to launch the first ever Play Therapy Awareness week, designated to be February 2nd through 8th 2014, which is bound to educate others about Play Therapy.   APT intends to build an extensive national social media network via Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, this is only the beginning of the expansion of Play Therapy!

As we continue to aim high to share our passion for the healing power of play, the board and I invite you to connect with us and reach out to others to share the power of play!

With  much gratitude,

Molly Gratton, LCSW, RPT-S
IDAPT, President


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